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We offer advanced technological solutions, including:

–  Custom software development for traditional businesses
–  Web3 project development for companies embracing blockchain technology

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Our team has experts in education, technology, and programming. Together, we are dedicated to ensuring high-quality service and professional outcomes.


We aim to be leaders in the education and technology fields. We aim to empower people and companies to face challenges and take advantage of the digital world


Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses through education and innovation. We offer high-quality educational products and advanced technological solutions to meet our client's needs


Our actions are conducted with integrity and responsibility, always adhering to ethical and moral principles


We commit to delivering high-quality services and maintaining a standard of professional conduct in every interaction


We emphasise honesty and clarity, communicating openly and sharing relevant information

Pilot Project

Owl's Flight

Thetryum, in collaboration with Figueiró dos Vinhos Municipal Hall, introduces the pilot project “The Owl’s Flight.” This project involves establishing an extracurricular subject focusing on digital financial education for children in primary school.
The subject will focus on financial and digital knowledge throughout an academic year, fostering collaboration among parents, teachers, businesses, and the local community.
The primary goal of this initiative is to enhance the region’s digital economy by uniting the efforts of the community, educational institutions, and both public and private sectors. Together, we aim to transform Figueiró dos Vinhos into a thriving innovation center

Digital Financial Education

Interactive Approach

Through tasks and games, we provide interactive learning, simultaneously offering a secure school environment and activities that promote the family's involvement.


As part of this project, we will offer diverse resources, including board games, a storybook, and an online platform that integrates videos and games.

Teacher Empowerment

We will train teachers to deliver lessons that promote children's development.


Our events will bring together the community, parents, students, and local business partners. These interactive events will provide hands-on and engaging learning, extending the impact of digital financial education beyond the classroom.

Mari Rodrigues

Graduated in Primary School Teachers – Portuguese and French Variant in 2003, she holds a master's degree in Special Education with experience as a teacher and publications on school inclusion.

Celia Nunes

Educational Content Creator
Holder of a Bachelor's degree in Sociology, she is an experienced educator in Economics and Accounting for 27 years, having taught in various schools nationwide. Currently, she teaches at the Agrupamento de Escolas do Fundão.

Catarina Mouzelo

Project Manager
Coming from a background in chemical engineering, she graduated from Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP) and has become a prominent leader in education. Her visionary approach and commitment to innovation have driven the project's success.

Margarida Nunes

Holder of a degree in Primary School Teaching - 1st cycle from the School of Education of Castelo Branco, she collaborated as a trainer in the 'Project for Monitoring the Educational Use of the Internet in 1st Cycle Primary Schools' (2004-2006) and conducted extracurricular enrichment activities in various school.

Felipe Costa

Graduated in Graphic Design from Estácio de Sá University, he possesses extensive knowledge in the field of branding and a solid foundation in design principles. Currently, he works as a designer at Annuna 888 while enhancing his skills as a UX Design student with Google. His aim is to develop solutions that harmonize aesthetics and functionality, positioning himself to tackle the ever-evolving challenges in the field of digital design.


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